Sodium Dichloroacetate (DCA) Powder

  • Sodium Dichloroacetate powder
  • 25 g and 100 g bottles
  • Laboratory tested. Purity >99.9%.
  • Made and packed in EU

SPECIAL OFFER: 15% discount for products over 500 g.

SPECIAL OFFER: free 25 g bottle when buying 200 g package.

25 g $ 43    
50 g $ 80    
100 g $ 144    
200 g + 25 g FREE $ 256    
500 g $ 481
$ 566

Sodium Dichloroacetate (most common abbreviation - DCA) is a sodium salt of dichloroacetic acid. It is a crystalline powder that is white in color, soluble in water. The chemical formula is Cl2CHCOONa. 

We produce Sodium Dichloroacetate in our own laboratory. Each batch is analyzed for purity and quality. There are Certificate of Analysis confirming product's specification.

The bottles have a tamper prevention wrap seal. Store it in a cool, dry place. 

Sodium Dichloroacetate (CAS No 2156-56-1, EC No 218-461-3) is not under patent, has no restrictions, therefore can be sold and transported without any regulations.