Our Laboratory

Our Laboratory All the products we offer are produced by us in our own laboratory. We are based in EU, follow EU manufacturing practices and regulations and have strict quality control procedures. We control all the manufacturing, distribution and sales process ourselves, so we provide products of the highest quality.

We produce neutral DCA with aqueous solution of 7.0 pH. The technology we developed lets us achieve >99.9% pure premium grade Sodium Dichloroacetate. Our product is the purest in the market. Each batch is tested for purity and we provide Certificate of Analysis confirming product's specification. There's the COA of the latest batch: Certificate of Analysis.

We offer Sodium Dichloroacetate in various forms and packages. We can supply Sodium Dichloroacetate with sodium phosphate additive that provides stability and prolongs shelf life. We also produce other DCA salts - Potassium Dichloroacetate, Magnesium Dichloroacetate. We offer a range of other chemical compounds and food supplements - Thiamine, L-Carnitine, Alpha lipoic acid.

Check out our products section where you can purchase all the products we produce. If you are interested in large quantities - contact us and we will give you the quote.

Our Products